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Get Noticed With Ecommerce SEO

If you're wondering why your online store is not receiving enough traffic, in most cases the number one reason is your store's ranking on SERP's (search engine results pages) is low. There have been multiple studies on user experience with online searches, the following are a few conducted by Intergrowth.

75% people never scroll past the first page of search engines

Users love to see what they are searching for quickly and with ease. The chances of scrolling further past the first page creates a sense of grinding to find what the user is looking for. With ecommerce SEO services implemented in your store, you have a chance of appearing in the first page when a user looks up a search term related to your business. In turn, increasing visibility and revenue.

70% of online marketers say that SEO is better than PPC for generating sales

PPC does guarantee a top spot and when we mean a top spot, we mean it. Refer to the image below showing how PPC works:

PPC Example on Google

The results below the Sponsored section are the businesses using PPC. It does help you get the top spot on search engines however, it works for a limited time and it is costly. Using ecommerce SEO instead, secures you a spot in the first page without having to break the bank.
The image below is an example how your business can appear with organic ecommerce SEO :

SEO example on Google

Begin expanding your online store with ecommerce SEO and start your journey on ranking higher to generate more traffic which can ultimately lead to sales and revenue for your store. If you have questions about ecommerce SEO and how it can benefit your online store, feel welcomed to contact us today and we would be happy to help you get started.

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Understanding The Need For Ecommerce SEO For Your Business

SEO has been around for a long time and the need/use for it is only increasing due to the daily use of search engines. Ecommerce SEO gives your business the reach it needs to find those potential customers. With millions of online stores competing for that number one spot or spots, its imperative to ensure your store is optimized for those keywords shoppers are searching up.

For example,

Let's say your store sells gym equipment, shoppers would use the key phrases or key words "Best gym equipment", "45 pound plates for sale", "lifting belts". You would want your store to incorporate these keywords to direct those shoppers to your website.

Despite the abundance of online stores, many business owners overlook the importance of establishing a strong online presence. In fact, it may comes as a surprise that a significant number of business owners are unaware of the existence and benefits of ecommerce SEO services. At CRE8 Digital, we strive to bridge this knowledge gap and provide assistance not only to those business owners but also to you, in optimizing your online store and reaching your target shoppers.

The benefits of ecommerce SEO services

Improved visibility:

Effective SEO strategies is key for your online store to reach a higher ranking in search engines like Google. This will lead into potential customers finding your products when searching their needs. This increased visibility can lead to more website traffic and increasing your domain authority.

Better user experience:

You may already have existing content and design for your store, however if that content is poorly optimized it can lead to poor user experience. For example, you visit a website to buy new jeans and if the product image is taking too long to load, you'll feel discouraged to buy because of the lack of loading time. With enhanced content structure, user experience would improve resulting in positive user experience and feedback. ( F.Y.I - Google does take in consideration how long a user spends on your website.)

Increased credibility:

A higher ranking placement, increases your brands credibility and authority. Customers are more likely to trust businesses that appear on the first page of search results, which can lead to repeated business from these customers.

Cost-effective marketing:

Ecommerce SEO is a cost-effective way to market your online store, as it can lead to long term, sustainable traffic and sales growth. Unlike paid advertising, which can be expensive and offer short-term results. SEO can provide a strong return on investment over time.

Choosing CRE8 Digital as your SEO partner means accessing these range of benefits that ecommerce SEO can bring to your online store. Our team works closely with you to develop a tailored strategy that enables your store to compete with other businesses, and achieving top ranking positions.

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FAQ's about ecommerce SEO services

Explore our FAQ below and if you have further questions, feel welcomed to contact us today!

What is e-commerce seo?

Ecommerce SEO is the search engine optimization of an online store. Different techniques are used to improve your store's ranking on Google, for example, writing long descriptions with relevant keywords on your product pages.

How is my online store optimized using e-commerce SEO?

At CRE8 Digital, we implement ecommerce SEO strategies using various methods to optimize your online store. Keyword research, on-page SEO optimization, off-page optimization, website structure organization and mobile optimization; these are just but a few methods used to optimize your store.

Why is ecommerce SEO important for my store?

SEO is a standard for all kinds of websites. No matter the product, the most fruitful way to get customers to your website is through a solid search engine optimization strategy.

What types of content work best for my store?

The best kinds of content are those that appease to the user. Which includes videos, high quality images of your products and blogging. These are only three types of content but are the most effective.

What are some mistakes to avoid when using ecommerce SEO?

Some mistakes to avoid are having multiple sitemaps, not having a mobile friendly site, slow site speed, duplicated content, no SSL certificate, etc. These are just but a few mistakes that can be made when adding ecommerce SEO to you website.

What kinds of online stores can use ecommerce SEO?

There is no limitation to what kind of online store can use e-commerce SEO services. If you have a Shopify store, Wix, Webflow, or Woocommerce, CRE8 Digital can assist you in implementing ecommerce SEO to your store.

Don't let your competition win!

Your competition is also making moves to reach the top of search engine rankings. Why shouldn't you do the same and win? Join with CRE8 Digital and witness the satisfaction of surpassing your competitors and securing the top spot in rankings.

Achieving the top rank will lead to more traffic to your site and more conversions, resulting in increased product sales. Get in touch with us today to embark on your ecommerce SEO journey and take the first step towards planning your online store's success and generating higher revenue.

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