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Is Youtube Social Media? Here's to Use It For Your Business

Master this social media platform and reap the benefits

By Jesse Martinez (SEO Specialist)
Oct 25th, 2023

Are you wondering if YouTube counts as social media? You're not alone. Many business owners are unsure where this popular video platform fits into the social media landscape. At CRE8 Digital, a leading digital marketing agency in Houston, TX, we're here to clear the air and show you how to master YouTube for your marketing needs.

Here's are the topics that we will cover on this page:

Understanding Social Media Platforms

Answering the question if Youtube is social media, Yes it is. Let's dive deeper into what makes it a social media platform.

Defining Social Media:
Social media is all about connection, community, and content sharing. It's a diverse world, ranging from networking sites like LinkedIn to video-heavy platforms like TikTok.

YouTube's Role in Social Media

YouTube is often seen as just a video hub, but it's much more than that. It's a unique blend of entertainment and interaction, setting it apart from typical networking and communicative platforms. Let's explore why YouTube firmly belongs in the social media category.

Why YouTube Is Definitely Social Media

- Interactive Content

YouTube isn't just for watching; it's a place to engage. Viewers can like, comment, and share videos, sparking conversations just like on Facebook or Instagram.

three comments from a video on youtube

YouTube also has the ability for its users to interact with content creators just like the other platforms like Instagram or Tiktok. That's why it also helps your business to post interactive content to Youtube.

- User Generated Content

YouTube thrives on the diverse videos created by its users. This range of content, from tutorials to personal vlogs, is the lifeblood of social media. That's what makes social media, the variety of content coming from creators is humongous, from business to celebrities.

Different kinds of people from all over the world post and share content on Youtube. It can be life vlogs, funny videos, or simple how-to-do videos and all of these videos are available for you for free.

- Community Building

More than just channels, YouTube is about forming communities where like-minded individuals can connect and share. These social media mediums allow users to have conversations and share each other's interest on the platform. For example, Tiktok, has the ability to build communities of like minded people with the help of influencers.

the category tab from youtube showing multiple video categories

There are many content creators on YouTube that help build many communities. There are many video categories to view, from gaming, cooking shows, fashion and beauty, and many more. Whatever your interest may be, you will find your group on YouTube.

- Advertising Opportunities

YouTube's advertising features align it with other social media platforms, offering businesses targeted ways to reach audiences. the ability to advertise on YouTube, makes it social media, similarly how you can also advertise on the other social media platforms.

an ad from shopify on youtube's platform

YouTube is owned by Google, so that means there is a higher opportunity to reach a huge audience. YouTube currently has 2 billion monthly active users, imagine the traffic you can bring to your business by using PPC advertising on YouTube. These leads can turn into potential revenue.

Mastering YouTube for Business

Overcoming YouTube Challenges

While YouTube is a powerful tool, it's not without its hurdles. Staying on top of video marketing trends and algorithm changes is key to leveraging YouTube successfully.

Expert Guidance for Your YouTube Social Media Strategy

In the end, is YouTube a social media? Yes. Using YouTube to market your business will only bring huge benefits. YouTube right now is the second largest social media platform. YouTube is also used as a search engine, similar to Google, users use Youtube to look up products or services and right now it's also sitting as the second most used search engine.

Is managing your YouTube content proving to be a challenge? Look no further than CRE8 Digital, your go-to for social media management in Houston. With our expertise in Google Ads, SEO services, and local SEO services in Houston, we're equipped to take your YouTube strategy to the next level. Our team is dedicated to helping you navigate the complex world of digital marketing, ensuring your brand stands out. Ready to boost your online presence? Contact CRE8 Digital today and let us help you turn your YouTube channel into a powerful marketing tool.

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